B+H Shipping Group
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est. 1978

B+H Shipping


The Company

B+H Shipping Group is a world class shipping organization. Founded in 1978 and having owned/operated over 140 vessels, B+H is led by an experienced and highly regarded team who are well-versed in operating and managing ships in the technically stringent and commercially demanding tanker market.

Medium Range Product Tanker Opportunity

B+H seeks an equity partner to invest in modern Medium-Range (MR) Product Tankers, the ‘workhorse’ of the petroleum product sector. MRs are commercially flexible, and significantly de-risked relative to other shipping segments: they represent a $40 Billion niche asset class with $2 Billion annual liquidity.



Corporate Headquarters in Bermuda, with U.S. offices in New York and Rhode Island.


Michael S. Hudner, Chairman + CEO


 +1 401 410 1100

The Sail Loft  | 19 Burnside Street, Bristol, RI